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High-purity pipe fabrication cleanroom with ISO 4 pods

Cleanroom Design & Build

Key facts

ISO Class 6 with Class 4 Zones

ISO Class 4 at the critical points of production

Process-built layout

Fully-enclosed prep and weld pods use 100% coverage of ULPA filtration

5 process-compliant zones

Process-built layout with weld zone, prep zone, 2 pods and a change area

Cleanroom LED lighting

Providing process-compliant lux levels 

The client

AE Global is a mechanical and electrical contracting specialist. Amongst its services is the fabrication of high-purity orbital, stainless steel pipe, for pharmaceutical and medical industries, and PVC pipe for the semiconductor industry. Due to the nature of the product and its intended use, cleanroom production is required.

The project

The company had two cleanrooms at its site in Derry, N.I.—one portable and one traditional. However, due to issues related to their age, the company decided to decommission these and begin a new cleanroom design and build project. A custom-built ISO cleanroom from Connect 2 Cleanrooms was recommended to AE Global by another company in the industry.

The cleanroom

C2C designed and built a 40m² cleanroom with 5 zones to create designated spaces for separate fabrication processes. As well as an ISO 14644-1 Class 8 change area, the room features an ISO 6 weld zone and an ISO 6 prep zone. Each of these zones features an ISO 4 pod with 100% coverage of ULPA filtration at the critical points of production.

It was important to AE Global that the cleanroom is of a modular design. The softwall modular construction delivers a high degree of flexibility as it can be reconfigured, extended, or moved if its fabrication needs change dramatically.

The project ran smoothly and C2C arrived, installed, and validated within the planned build schedule.

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With the new cleanroom, we have been able to streamline our processes to further align with our clients’ expectations. This will allow us to access a wider market with our processes and product, to attract more clients. With current orders, we hope to have the costs associated with the new clean room and the preparation of the cleanroom area, recouped within the next 6-9 months.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms communicated well throughout the process and the professionalism of its staff— office & site—stood out during the build.

AE Global

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