6 Reasons You Need a Cleanroom Tomorrow

Connect 2 Cleanrooms has a range of cleanrooms in popular sizes, available from stock at Here’s a list of reasons why you may need one.

1 – E-liquid mixing lab

Controlling contamination is an important factor in the production of TPD compliant E-liquids. Upgrade your e-liquid production to a classified clean area and make a strong statement about your commitment to quality.

2 – Enter into new markets

Are you a plastics manufacturer looking to diversify into the medical plastics market? Do you make o-rings and want to supply into the oil and gas market? Upscale your production to gain the regulatory compliance to enter new markets.

3 – Increase your service to include cleanroom inspection and packing

Would a client prefer for your product to be cleanroom inspected and packed? You can quickly add a differentiator between you and your competition.

4 – Start-ups

We’ve been helping start-ups since, well, since we were a start-up back in 2002. The competitive cost and simplicity of our rapid range makes them attractive to organisations looking to get a product to market quickly, whilst controlling costs.

5 – Extend your production footprint

Has your production outgrown your existing cleanroom facility? A cleanroom from our rapid range can immediately increase your cleanroom footprint whilst you explore potential extensions or relocations.

6 – For temporary projects

Although they are robust structures, the modular design of these cleanrooms means they can be used for temporary projects, then taken down or even relocated as demand changes.

Our Rapid Room range features standard cleanrooms available in assembly kit form for a fast contamination control solution. If you need a cleanroom with a larger footprint, a lower ISO class, a different layout, or even in a different colour, contact us to discuss your project.