Mopping Systems and Best Practice from Hydroflex Group

Matteo Barilla is Global Business Development Manager at Hydroflex Group GmbH. He is in charge of managing the international sales at Hydroflex Group GmbH through its network of over 50 distributors globally. Here, Matteo tells us why users choose its PurMop® ERGO range for best practice cleanroom mopping—available online at Cleanroomshop.

What should people look for in a mopping system?

When choosing a cleaning system and tools for cleanroom cleaning, the first thing to consider for the key decision-makers (QA, Production Manager, etc.) is the suitability of the products and materials. They should be easy to use and easy to clean (hygienic design), durable, abrasion-resistant, and—in some cases—autoclavable.

A touch-free system providing a simple way of loading or discarding the mop—while avoiding hand contact—should also be considered to help prevent cross-contamination, improve ergonomics and reduce time.

To turn cleaning and disinfection into reproducible processes that are easy to validate, Hydroflex believes a mopping system should allow the user to set a specific amount of disinfectant to saturate each mop. This drives great improvements like operational cost mitigation, reduction in disinfectant residues, time dedicated to cleaning, and more. 

What is the most popular mopping system in your range and why?

The 2.0 ERGO-System is our most popular cleanroom cleaning system. It combines touchless features with improved ergonomics and an innovative dosing system. The touching of used mop covers and contaminated cleaning equipment such as mop frames carry a high risk for the distribution of contamination in cleanrooms. PurMop® 2.0 ERGO allows a completely touchless operation of the cleaning trolley.

Touchless performance

Contact with used mop covers and contaminated cleaning equipment is a problem of the past. PurMop® ERGO enables completely touchless handling of the cleaning trolley in only three steps.

  1. Pickup
  2. Fluid dosing
  3. Discarding the mop

Reproducible processes

The innovative wetting system enables the application of a defined amount of liquid (detergents/disinfectants) onto the mop in one single step. Discrepancies in the wetting of the mop and operator errors such as reuse of a contaminated mop are effectively prevented.

Advanced ERGOnomics

The ergonomics of a cleaning system can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection process. Our answer to that is an uncomplicated, easy-to-use, and easy-to-learn system. PurMop® ERGO requires minimal effort and eliminates the need for bending down, lifting heavy buckets, or contact with the mop.

Talk us through what you believe to be the best practice mopping method

We recommend a combination of an ERGOnomic mopping system and disposable cleanroom mops.

Touchless, reproducible, and ergonomic cleaning in combination with high-quality disposable mops is the best way for a safe and easy cleanroom cleaning. Disposable mops offer several advantages in the cleanroom. It is important to make sure that mops are certified for cleanroom use, made of 100% polyester, and only lint a limited and controlled number of particles. The theory of supposedly higher costs for disposable systems can often be disproved using a realistic comparison of costs. Disposable systems are now economically comparable to a reusable concept because there are no costs to lease and wash/sterilize the mops while simplifying internal quality checks and processes.

It is even possible to save on cleaning chemicals thanks to the highly efficient cleaning performance of single-use mops.  Moreover, if no critical agents such as hormones or cytostatic residues have come into contact with the mops and they are only being used for disinfection and particle collection, they can easily be re-used outside the cleanroom after the initial usage.

How do your mopping systems offer value for money?

With our intelligent fluid dosing, you will get optimal results in just one step. The ERGO mop wetting unit specifically addresses the challenges of easy-to-validate cleaning equipment. It enables easy and user-independent mop saturation with minimal effort.

Maximum efficiency with up to 40% less disinfectant, detergent, or water, plus time savings of up to 30%. This is a significant reduction.

Shop the Hydroflex range of mopping systems at Cleanroomshop.