6 reasons you need a ready-to-ship cleanroom

Our ready-to-ship cleanroom kits are a popular choice for organisations looking to create cleanroom space, quickly. Here are just 6 reasons you need one.

1.     Flexibility to extend or relocate

If you need some cleanroom space right now but know you may soon need a larger area — don’t be held back by your future plans! Like all our modular cleanrooms, the ready-to-ship cleanroom kits can be extended or relocated. So your investment is futureproofed against any changes to your requirements — planned or unplanned!

2.     Self-installation option

If your team is particularly hands-on, you can choose the self-assembly option. Since all the parts for your cleanroom are prefabricated and in stock, we will ship them straight to you, and you can construct your cleanroom immediately. Or, you can hire the technicians at Connect 2 Cleanrooms to put it together for you. Our team will manage the project from delivery to validation, with minimal distraction, so your team can get on with their workload.

3.     Protect your injection moulding machines

Are you an injection moulder? Are you looking to protect the tool face of your moulding machine without enclosing the hopper? Look no further! Our ready-to-ship softwall cleanroom kits are the solution to your challenges. Many moulders have used them to protect the critical zone, as the softwall curtains can be profiled around a machine to give part coverage. Ask us about adding castors to create a portable cleanroom that you can roll back when the tool needs changing.

4.     Create a change area

Do you have an existing cleanroom space but no dedicated change area? Use a ready-to-ship softwall modular cleanroom! Having a dedicated space for changing and entry will improve your process flow and reduce contamination introduced into the environment by personnel. Alternatively, you could use one as a material transfer area or as a packaging zone to enclose an entire end-to-end process.

5.     R&D

Our ready-to-ship hardwall cleanroom kits can quickly upgrade your R&D zone to create a classified environment. Many sectors, like medical device, space, and manufacturing, have taken advantage of this ultra-quick solution to protect their intricate and sensitive products.

6.     Medical device production

Our ready-to-ship hardwall modular cleanrooms can achieve particle counts according to ISO Class 7 requirements. What does this mean for medical device manufacturers? If your quality risk-based assessment deems ISO Class 7 suitable, you can manufacture your medical devices in them!

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