Critical Product Supply to Almac Pharma Services

As Almac Pharma Services operates as an outsourcing partner to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the availability of critical cleaning materials is an absolute must in order to support its service offerings.

Back in 2010, Almac placed a small online order with Cleanroomshop, the consumables division of Connect 2 Cleanrooms, for some cleaning and disinfection products. With a relationship now spanning more than a decade, Cleanroomshop now provides a service level agreement to Almac for many critical products, with weekly deliveries to its HQ site in Craigavon, Northern Ireland and its operational site in Loughborough, England.

Account Management

Cleanroomshop provides a full account management service, meeting with Almac’s purchasing team bi-monthly. The frequency of meetings was increased during the COVID-19 pandemic to align the teams more closely and mitigate the risks of any potential supply disruptions—such as Brexit, increases in demand or reduced availability of stock.

In their regular meetings, the teams review any changes to the forecast and ensure orders are aligned with demand. It is also an opportunity to review any additional products that Cleanroomshop can provide and discuss any market opportunities, such as new sites coming on stream or another area of the business that would like to engage.

Stock Management

Behind the scenes, Cleanroomshop uses material resource planning (MRP) software to support with stock holding for reliable order fulfilment. As a result of the consistently high levels of service provided, Cleanroomshop has increased its scope of supply over the years and is now recognised by Almac as a valued supply partner.


“The support provided by the team at Connect 2 Cleanrooms has been instrumental in the continuous delivery of our operations and services across all of our UK manufacturing sites.

“The team at Connect 2 Cleanrooms have taken the time to understand who we are as a company and our needs. Connect 2 Cleanrooms recognises the importance of our compliance to cGMP requirements in all operations and has been very helpful in offering a range of suitable products. The company has been flexible when changes have been made to orders at short notice and the team has been quick to support requests for compliance documentation.” – Almac Pharma Services#

Account Management  

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