Mopping Systems and Best Practice from Vileda Professional

Vileda Professional offers a complete range of cleaning solutions, available online from Cleanroomshop. Here Allan Zacho, from Vileda Professional’s Controlled Environment / Cleanroom Division, tells us why users choose its innovative range of mopping systems and shares best practice guidance and techniques for mopping.

What should people look for in a mopping system?

Products need to be suitable for the classification they are to be used in. The selected method should clean by removing contamination and disinfect leaving minimal residue and biofilm.

A mopping system need to be chosen according the environment and the following factors should be considered.

  • Cost in use – consider time spent as well as consumables and chemicals
  • Ergonomics – minimize stress on the body
  • Easy to handle – but still flexible to use, for both cleaning and disinfection tasks

What is the most popular mopping system in your range and why?

Vileda Professional’s pre-prepared method using a sieve system, with double sided mop frames. We have mop heads that are suitable to implement this unique method. They control the spread of liquid to ensure an even spread of disinfectant and cleans by picking up all contaminants in one stroke. 

Talk us through what you believe to be the best practice mopping method.

Vileda Professional’s pre-prepared method with double sided mop heads and the use of microfiber. With proven efficacy working inside cleanrooms, microfiber is unique in removing contamination on the surface, even as a disinfectant is laid down.

Our double-sided mop head covers double the m² coverage compared to a single sided mop. This offers more time to clean since less mops needs to be changed and at the same time minimizes the traffic in the cleanroom.

The pre-preparation method offers no need for wring or re-dipping, which gives a cleaner result since mops are not re-dipped in solution – protecting against the risk of chemicals becoming contaminated and ineffective. No dipping or wringing is also much more ergonomic for the user and reduces excess solution going to waste which would need to be filtered during disposal, causing extra cost.

How do your mopping systems offer value for money?  

There are a number of ways our mopping systems control the cost-in-use to achieve best value for money.  The double-sided mop heads reduce time spent on cleaning and disinfecting, whilst minimizing the traffic in the cleanroom. The less traffic the better, as turbulence is then reduced.

Our pre-prepared systems also minimize the consumption of water and chemicals or detergents, as well as minimizing waste. Fewer mops are used and also there is not an excess amount of solution left in the buckets.

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