Cleanroom Design and Build

Cleanroom Design and Build

Cleanroom Design and Build

The Cleanroom Design and Build Process

The cleanroom design and build process involves several critical steps to ensure the controlled environment meets the necessary cleanliness standards for specific applications, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and biotechnology. Here’s a breakdown of what the process looks like with Angstrom Technology.

Introduction and Discovery

At this stage we work together to understand the specific requirements of the cleanroom, including the level of cleanliness (ISO class or GMP grade), location and processes conducted within the cleanroom.

Conceptual Design

This is where we create a rough layout of the cleanroom, considering workflow, personnel movement, and equipment placement. We also need to take into account airflow direction and the placement of HEPA/ULPA filtration.

Detailed Design

Develop detailed architectural drawings, including walls, floors, ceilings, electrical work, plumbing design and entry/exit points. Design the HVAC system to control temperature, humidity, and pressure differentials.

Specification Development

Material and component selection consists of choosing appropriate materials for walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures that meet the desired cleanroom standards. Specify the types of filters, lights, and other components.

Delivery and Construction

Construct the frame and build the cleanroom walls, floor and ceiling panels according to the design specifications. Install HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and any specialised systems.

Furniture Fit-Out

Cleanroom, laboratory and change area furniture delivered by Cleanroomshop including tables, chairs, benching and consumables, all meeting the required ISO or GMP standards.

Cleanroom Design

Our experienced mechanical, electrical & architectural design teams can support your project with all aspects of the design and specification requirements of a project, with experience and knowledge of traditional and specialist cleanroom panel systems. We can assist from project conception to validation, with feasibility studies, capex / budget costs, design for tender process or as part of a design and build award.

Cleanroom design and build - GMP cleanroom render

Project Management

Angstrom Technology operates with in-house project management and architectural design teams familiar with a multitude of controlled environments of varying degrees of size and scale. This level of expertise allows us to transform your cleanroom aspirations into tangible, realistic solutions.

cleanroom design and build - project management

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Angstrom Technology have a large team of highly skilled technicians, specialising in construction, electrical and mechanical services. This means we have the ability to offer a full cleanroom installation package, from constructing the walls to installing the electrical systems.

Total Cleanroom Design

Architectual fit-out

Angstrom Technology is a total architectural solution provider, with over 40 years of expert knowledge in the cleanroom industry. Working with our dedicated team, we’ll get to know your challenges, requirements and objectives and work together to provide you with the highest quality solution.

monobloc modular cleanroom

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Our design and build specialists have experience working with customers in all kinds of industries on a global scale, achieving great results time and time again. We’d love to work with you as well!