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Particle Counter Calibration

Our particle counter calibration services provide you with the confidence that your particle counters are performing as designed, delivering reliable and accurate measurements while ensuring optimum output within acceptable limits.

Is your particle counter due for calibration?

Particle Counter Calibration

How often should I calibrate my particle counter?

21501-4:2018 states, “The calibration of the LSAPC should be conducted at an interval equal to or shorter than one year. The requirements should be met during the calibration interval”.

The calibration certificates we provide cover your unit for 12 months.

Particle Counter Calibration

Particles Plus particle counter calibration lab UK

Angstrom Technology has the only UK calibration laboratory with the authority to calibrate Particles Plus particle counters. Our staff have been trained and certificated to carry out this service on behalf of Particles Plus. Removing the need to ship units to the USA gives a faster turnaround time and reduces the risk of damage in transit.

  • Fast and reliable calibration of Particles Plus remote particle counters
  • UK cleanroom calibration lab in our ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • Units are calibrated to ISO 21501 (Determination of particle size distribution)
  • Calibrations are performed to exacting tolerances using N.I.S.T. traceable equipment and particle media
  • Express service — same-day turnaround*
  • Standard service — 3-5 working days turnaround*

*Subject to any issues where we are unable to calibrate and needs repair

Particle Counter Calibration

Particle counter and monitoring equipment calibration service

Book the calibration of Airy, Aerotrak, EMS, Kimo and Met One instruments through Angstrom Technology. We can offer calibrations performed in ISO 17025 conditions (testing and calibration laboratories) for some units.

  • Competitive and reliable calibration of a variety of instruments
  • Units are returned as quickly as possible to minimise down-time
  • Calibration standard based on unit and service requested — please enquire for details
  • Standard service — 7-10 working days turnaround*

*Subject to any issues where we are unable to calibrate and needs repair

Particle Counter Calibration


The calibration of particle counters and other monitoring equipment gives verified assurance that units are operating within acceptable tolerances.

Ensure your particle counters are calibrated annually to ensure accurate and reliable performance.