Cleanroom Solutions

Battery Dry Rooms

Humidity control is critical in battery dry rooms as various materials and processes used in battery production are susceptible to moisture damage. Angstrom Technology can create a stable low dewpoint production environment to meet your requirements.

Battery Dry Rooms

Lithium battery dry rooms

Lithium Battery Dry Rooms requires specialist desiccant dehumidifiers capable of producing ultra low dewpoint air as low as minus 70. Working with our industry-partner DRY-AIR, our systems can efficiently achieve these requirements.

As a cleanroom specialist, our dry rooms can also achieve ISO classification. Not only that, but they can also meet any applicable international engineering and building standards and regulations.

We’ve developed proven envelope solutions and reliable cleanroom HVAC designs for many applications. As part of the Angstrom Technology group of companies, we pride ourselves on our in-house expertise and capability to deliver over 100 cleanrooms annually across the UK, Europe, and America.

Battery dry room manufacturers

As battery dry room facility manufacturers, we deliver complete dry room systems. We provide bespoke solutions that include industry-leading energy-efficient HVAC systems.

A typical cleanroom environment operates at 20.0°Cdb, 50% Relative Humidity, which equates to a dewpoint of 9.3°Cdp. Due to material sensitivity, solid-state battery dry rooms can require control to minus 40.0°Cdp at the room’s exit point. With a dewpoint control of minus 50.0°Cdp now required for Lithium-ion battery dry rooms, the next generation may have even tighter requirements. The battery chemistry may need the environment to reach minus 80.0°Cdp at the point of supply into critical areas, such as Electrolyte Fill.



Battery dry room construction

Battery dry rooms require a constant supply of ultra-dry air to create and maintain low-humidity conditions for the R&D and production of solid-state and lithium-ion batteries.

We can develop an energy-efficient dry room to protect your critical process by combining airtight envelope systems, dehumidification systems, and HVAC design. Read about the li ion dry room we created for a chemistry company developing CNT enhanced cathode powders.




Small-scale research

Single-zone facilities for testing the chemicals and processes during battery R&D.

Pilot plants

Multi-zoned facilities for scaling up production to manufacture at volume.

Mega / Giga-factory

Large-scale battery production facilities for high-volume battery production.

Look at how we can custom-build your perfect battery dry room.

Footprint & zones

Establish a suitable layout for your process, featuring multiple zones, each with the optimum dew point temperature and ISO class

Dehumidification systems

Single or multi-rotor low dewpoint AHU options to suit your budget, space, and specification needs

Internal airflow distribution methods

Horizontal unidirectional airflow with a supply and return air plenum or a high-level distribution system with uni or non-unidirectional airflow

Airflow modelling

Using Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies to verify HVAC design with equipment and furniture layouts

Scalable HVAC designs

With specialist AHUs designed for deployment in battery facilities, airflows range from 2,000 m³h to 50,000 m³h

Energy-efficient design

Airtight envelope systems and recirculated air manage energy efficiency


Our design and build specialists have experience working with customers in all kinds of industries on a global scale, achieving great results time and time again. We’d love to work with you as well!