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Automotive Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are vital in various automotive applications where precision, cleanliness, and controlled environments are essential. Angstrom Technology can support this sector with modular ISO cleanrooms, which can easily upgrade your production to a classified clean area.

Automotive Cleanrooms

Automotive Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are important within the automotive sector, serving numerous functions across different tiers of the supply network. With the advancement of vehicles, the manufacturing process has moved beyond mere piece-to-piece assembly, evolving into a continuously intricate procedure. Components now interconnect through precisely calibrated sensors, an intelligent computer infrastructure, and distinctive safety attributes. Throughout production, delicate elements face susceptibility to temperature, humidity, and pressure fluctuations, rendering them particularly prone to contamination and imperfections stemming from static electricity. A regulated environment becomes imperative to ensure accurate assembly of all vehicles and components, mitigating the potential for product malfunction or failure, and upholding customer safety as an assurance.

Automotive Cleanroom Design

When it comes to the thorough safety protocols stipulated by automotive cleanroom classifications and standards, Angstrom Technology is here to help. Whether you require tailored blueprints to modify your existing area, or you’re commencing a brand new project, we have the capacity to engineer the optimal cleanroom for your purpose, inclusive of all the fixtures and fittings required for immediate utilization.

The design of your automotive cleanroom can be completely bespoke to suit your purpose. Our cleanrooms incorporate a variety of choices to fulfill your requirements concerning layout, process flow and any additional features you may require.

Battery production for electric vehicles (EVs)

As the demand for EVs increases, the production of high-capacity batteries becomes crucial. Cleanrooms can be employed in battery manufacturing facilities to ensure the cleanliness and quality of battery cells and maintain controlled environments for handling sensitive materials and preventing contamination.

Fuel cell production

Fuel cell technology is another area where cleanroom facilities can be beneficial. Fuel cells, which generate electricity through chemical reactions, require a controlled environment to prevent the introduction of impurities and maintain optimal performance.

Advanced engine manufacturing

Cleanrooms can protect the production of advanced engines, such as those with high-performance or precision requirements. These clean environments help minimise contaminants during the assembly process, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the engines.

Flat panel display manufacturing

The production of LCD (liquid crystal display), OLED (organic light-emitting diode), Head-up displays, and other flat panel displays require cleanroom facilities to ensure the manufacturing process remains free from dust and other contaminants.

Autonomous vehicle technology development

Cleanrooms may be used in research and development facilities focused on autonomous vehicle technology. Testing and prototyping of sensors, LiDAR systems, and other advanced technologies may require controlled environments to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the results.


We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses in the battery and semiconductor sector. Take a look at some of our projects.

Dry room for Li-ion batteries

  • ISO Class 7 & ultra-low dewpoint -75°Cdp
  • Monobloc Cleanroom
  • Size: 39.15m²

Driving the Electronic Revolution Industrialisation Centres (DER-IC) 250m² cleanroom

  • ISO Class 8
  • Monobloc Cleanroom
  • Size: 250m²

A Production Cell and Lab Cleanrooms for Automotive Component Assembly

  • ISO Class 9
  • Hardwall cleanroom
  • Size: 166m²


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