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Cleanroom Training

The biggest contamination risk in a cleanroom is people and products. Our CPD-certified ISO and EU GMP cleanroom training courses educate delegates on the correlation between the correct implementation of protocols and contamination control.

Cleanroom Training

CPD cleanroom training

Each operator has the power to reduce the risk to manufacturing processes and product. Training from Angstrom Technology gives operators the tools to help them minimise contamination when entering and working in a cleanroom, promoting good practice and correct behaviours.

With over 40 years of cleanroom experience, Angstrom Technology has a unique perspective on how people’s behaviours and a cleanroom facility interact. To share our insights and educate cleanroom users, we have developed three CPD-certified training courses.



Learning outcomes

Delegates leave with an increased knowledge of the connection between behaviours and contamination. Their increased accountability will help control contamination and improve the bottom line.  The training ensures cleanroom operatives:

  • Understand the connection between behaviours, protocols and contamination control
  • Have the knowledge to introduce/change processes to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles within a cleanroom
  • Understand the risk posed by contamination to manufacturing processes and product and how this can be minimised
  • Will satisfy inspectors and auditors that you are meeting the training requirements for EU GMP and Annex 1 (GMP course)

ISO Cleanroom Training

Our popular ISO cleanroom training course helps you control the introduction, generation, and retention of particles within a cleanroom. Book a dedicated course, or book a seat at a training day at one of our offices.


EU GMP Cleanroom Training

New in 2023! Personnel working within a GMP facility require regular training on cleanroom practices, hygiene, and contamination control. Our course has been developed by experts to support your GMP compliance.


Good Documentation Practice (GDocP) Training

Our comprehensive training program is meticulously crafted to empower professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed for impeccable documentation practices within GMP cleanroom environments.


What to expect

With a mixture of theory, tutorials, and practical sessions; our courses will help you to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles in line with EU GMP and ISO 14644 standards.

Topics include: cleanroom standards, hand hygiene, gowning, materials transfer, surface cleaning, rotational cleaning, environmental monitoring, and behaviours.

A CPD-certified Certificate of Attendance is provided as a record for each delegate.

We can also create tailored cleanroom courses and structure the modules to suit your requirements or add an optional cleanroom test to further embed learning.

Expert trainers

Our trainers are passionate specialists who stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements, ensuring that your training contains current and relevant information.

Quality delivery

Our trainers are experienced and qualified in their subject, so you can be confident they are competent to deliver top-quality training with high-levels of delegate engagement.

Practical training methods

Our training methods incorporate theory and practical applications, giving you the tools to apply your learning directly to your work.

Small class sizes

We limit our class sizes to no more than eight people for GMP training and 15 people for ISO training, allowing for personalised attention and the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with our trainers and other participants.

Wide breadth of topics

We believe that to understand contamination control truly, you must comprehensively understand the entire field, not just your process.

Convenient location

You can come to our office and showroom in Lancaster, which has a dedicated training facility (just off the M6), or we can deliver the course at your facility.


Our cleanroom training courses are designed to help users control the introduction, generation and retention of particles in line with EU GMP and ISO 14644 standards. You can choose from one of our popular courses or we can create tailored cleanroom courses and structure the modules to suit your requirements.