Brexit Information

Updated November 2020

Dear Customer,

We are fast approaching January 2021 with uncertainty whether the UK and the EU will reach a trade deal.  We are writing to reassure all our key Customers and stakeholders that we have over the past 12 months been proactively working on the necessary steps to ensure that our systems have been audited, and all key data is updated to support any new customs entry requirements.  This has been supported by a full risk assessment of our supply base and materials, building sufficient contingency stocks where possible to ensure continuity of supply for our customers.

As an approved distributor for multiple global leading brands, as well as a regular exporter to mainland Europe and beyond, we are actively working with all our suppliers to bring forward where possible increased inventory levels prior to 1st Jan 2021.  To minimise disruptions during these challenging times ahead we have increased our safety stocks and started to build contingency stocks covering additional 4 months inventory levels where possible. The UK Government are expecting delays initially at customs, we would advise any customer in the EU to order sufficient items to cover them until early Feb / March 2021.

For your information we are currently challenged with allowance restrictions with select key suppliers driven by the unprecedented global demands on key PPE as manufacturers have had to equally share global supply as demands have increased by 700% throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. Key product groups affected are protective wear garments and gloves   Our suppliers have developed many initiatives to help improve supply throughout 2020 such as choosing alternative shipping routes, flexible order quantities as well as moving general manufacture activities to other global locations. Despite these actions, having to operate and comply within the new COVID operating protocols that are now mandatory in most factories has inevitably impacted lead times and increased costs.

With the potential emergence of additional duties and taxes that may be added post Brexit we predict that there will be further volatility in supply and pricing across the market. Please be assured that we will continue to challenge and protect both your supply and the price that you pay throughout the coming months as far as reasonably possible. Our Account Managers will keep you updated of any proposed changes that may occur.

We are confident that the actions we have taken to date are, to our best ability, providing continued provisions of materials and services throughout our entire supply chain. We as a business continue to be fully dedicated to our customers and we will continue to work on ensuring that all supply risks and costs are kept to a minimum as we move into 2021.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms have considerable experience in exporting materials and goods worldwide including into many countries without trade deals. Our employees are provided with Export training and are knowledgeable in the processes and associated paperwork required to despatch products/goods around the world. Over the last 12 months we have been improving our document procedures to ensure all information required for exporting is available at point of use. 

We have established an internal Brexit Solutions team which encompasses a breadth of knowledge, skill and experience from across our business, with the key objective of ensuring that the transition through and post Brexit is as smooth as possible, and that international trade continues as seamlessly as possible. 

Further to this, Connect 2 Cleanrooms have an already established BV registered arm of the business based in Utrecht, Netherlands (registration no./KVK 65763807) through which we can directly transact and supply all critical materials cleanroom services and supplies in the event of no trade deal. Project management and design services will continue from our UK site.

Our team are continuing to monitor the situation closely and are poised to react to any developments or changes as soon as more information becomes available. Once we have more clarity on the situation, updates to this statement will be published on our website.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business and understanding through this challenging period.

Kind regards


Lynda Cooper

Quality and HSE Manager