Cleanroom Design & Build Projects – April 2021

As the UK slowly heads out of lockdown, C2C is moving at a fast pace on cleanroom projects in multiple and wide-ranging sectors. From a satellite applications Catapult in the UK, to a production-time disinfection supplier to the food and drink industry in Finland — our current cleanroom projects will be protecting products that are destined to be as far away as space and as close as our dinner plates.

Following our appointment in February by a pioneer in solid-state battery technology, we are now on-site building this 337m² cleanroom project. With the advent of smartphones, smart homes, and electric cars, batteries are not only in demand, but consumers are demanding more from them. The challenge is on for next-generation battery development and with our exacting environmental control — including particulate, temperature, and humidity — we are the right partner to support this industry.

Next week, we are starting an install at a technical injection moulding specialist. We’ve designed a modular cleanroom unit to fit over their injection moulding machine and achieve ISO Class 7. This cleanroom production facility will protect a new process that will give our client access to new markets for their single and multi-shot injection moulding services.

And seeing how we’ve just had the Grand National we need to give our equine IVF friends a nod. Their new clinic will soon be validated and who knows, a future winning race-horse could be produced there one day.

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