Cleanroom Design and Build Projects - February 2022

It’s been the shortest month of the year but by no means the quietest. We’ve supported two companies in Luxembourg with similar requirements, but different budgets. The photonics specialist SME and the all-cargo airline both need to control humidity to protect the integrity of sensitive materials. But where the photonics specialist will be using monitoring equipment to manually record parameters and adjust controls, the airline has opted for automated control through our ECO cleanroom control system for its composite layering process—with full monitoring system integration with its BMS. With our range of cleanrooms and ancillary options, we can build a cleanroom spec with the right feature set to meet requirements and budget simultaneously.

After a turbulent couple of years, it’s not just in Luxembourg where the aerospace industry is taking off again. We’re also building a new cleanroom at a UK site for a global aircraft engine provider, creating a new production environment for engine repairs.

One of the main benefits of modular cleanrooms is that they can be extended as demand grows. This staggered investment model is popular with our clients and in February alone we’ve worked on three extensions. A global life sciences company, a medical device sub-contract manufacturer, and an e-liquid and sports supplement manufacturing facility will all be benefitting from expanding their clean production space.

As part of the Angstrom Group of Companies, we have also been able to support an existing UK client with an American cleanroom enquiry. Being part of a cleanroom group with a presence on both sides of the Atlantic helps our global clients to drive efficiencies in their supply chain.

And last, but certainly not least, we are starting on-site in the North East to deliver a large-scale cleanroom as part of the UK-wide project to develop the UK’s clean and resilient supply chains in power electronics, machines, and drives (PEMD). We can’t wait to tell you more about this exciting new facility in the weeks to come. Watch this space!

It’s been another exciting month at Connect 2 Cleanrooms. Do you have a project you’d like to speak to us about? Contact us today.

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