Cleanroom Design & Build Projects – June 2021

As we enter into summer, we are supporting our clients to explore strange new worlds. No, we’ve not been watching too much Star Trek. But we have been working with some of the biggest names in satellite technology. Our client has moved to larger premises, so we’ve supported them to expand their cleanroom facilities. We’ve also taken care of the cleanroom component of a large building project on a brand-new UK space park.

Ongoing projects include a large GMP Grade D cleanroom facility for an international group of laboratories and an ISO 14644-1:2015 class 5 hardwall cleanroom to enclose a micro injection moulding machine. This modular cleanroom will allow our client to achieve greater degrees of accuracy, to reliably repeat the production of micro parts.

We’ve also just started an installation for a market-leading speciality chemical manufacturer’s filling line, to protect the integrity of its cleaning and disinfection range.

As for our European projects, we’re busy on the continent too. One cleanroom has been delivered to site in Finland for self-assembly, and another is due for dispatch, whilst another for the Netherlands is in design. We have a range of install options—including self-assembly, assisted install, and full install and validation. This gives our clients options to suit their timescales, budget, and resource.

Thanks to all these exciting projects we are expanding. We are currently on a recruitment drive to support our increase in capacity so we can maintain our levels of response to clients as we grow.

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