Hardwall cleanrooms: high-integrity and versatile

Hardwall panels are a high-integrity modular cleanroom wall construction. Panels are mounted onto coated steel frames to create robust walls, which enclose the clean area.

Our hardwall cleanroom construction can withstand the high volume of airflow required for ultra-clean environments such as ISO class 5-6 clean zones. But the bright and durable finish of the hardwall cleanrooms also make them an attractive option for ISO class 7-8 cleanrooms.

There are numerous benefits and a range of advanced features that make hardwall cleanrooms the perfect option for a multitude of contamination control solutions.

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Versatile Design Options

We offer a wide range of design options to meet your specific requirements. From size and layout to customisation & configuration options, our cleanrooms can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Hardwall cleanrooms feature HEPA filtration and customisable environmental control parameters. This means that they can be used by industries that are governed by strict ISO 14644-1 regulations.

Advanced Contamination Control

With advanced features like positive pressure, laminar flow, change areas and pass through hatches, our hardwall cleanrooms create a controlled ISO 5-8 environment that minimizes the risk of contamination.

Long Term Investment

Our hardwall cleanrooms are built using robust, impact resistant & durable materials. They can also be deconstructed and relocated or expanded in response to changing business needs.

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