Industry Sectors and Cleanroom Projects

There are many sectors in which Angstrom Technology operates, thanks to the diverse and extensive knowledge of our expert team, the technology we work with and the flexibility of the services we offer. When it comes to Modular Cleanrooms, our range of structures can be custom-built to meet your exact needs. The ideal modular cleanroom will depend on your timescales, process, physical space, and budget, so having a modular cleanroom design means that the environment in which you and your team are working can be extended or relocated, so you can grow production areas as demand increases.

We’re looking at just some of the sectors we operate in, and examples of Modular Cleanrooms being used within these sectors.

Aerospace Cleanrooms

Semiconductor & Dry Rooms

Here at Angstrom Technology, our Semiconductor & Dry Rooms balance environmental control with flexibility. These environments must be engineered to control static, particulate matter, outgassing and other sources of contamination and compromising conditions.

Angstrom Technology designs a suitable layout for the process, featuring multiple zones if required, each with the optimum dew point, temperature and ISO class for the specified dry room, whether that be for manufacturing batteries or semiconductors.


Case Study: Battery dry room for Anaphite

Anaphite is a chemistry company, developing CNT-enhanced cathode powders that can be used to produce dry-coated electrodes, for low-cost, high-performance Li-ion batteries. As a start-up, demands, and requirements can soon change, so a modular and relocatable design gave Anaphite the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes.

Anaphite Dry Room


Angstrom Technology’s modular aerospace and defence cleanrooms are fully reconfigurable and reliable. Modular panels fixed to a frame seal in clean air, acting as a barrier against contaminants, and give you total control of your environment. We understand the importance of limiting contamination of particles on surfaces and giving customers the support in fully controlling their aerospace cleanroom environment.

GMP Cleanroom Documentation

Case Study: Satellite Engineering 325m2 Cleanroom at Space Park, Leicester

Space Park Leicester is a £50 million research, innovation, and teaching hub for space-related high-tech companies and researchers. Angstrom Technology was appointed to deliver a 325m2 cleanroom within the building, featuring two zones – one change area and one satellite engineering zone with an open plan layout featuring a high bay and a low bay.


Engineering & Manufacturing

Controlled environments allow certain manufacturing processes a great level of process control. Manufacturing cleanrooms can provide control over humidity, particles, contamination, pressure, and temperature to ensure consistency within the working environment. In manufacturing, cleanrooms are commonly required to meet ISO classes 6 to 8, however, some cases may require more stringent contamination control parameters.


Case Study: High-Grade Pipe Fabrication Cleanroom for MSL Engineering

MSL Engineeing Ltd is a leading mechanical engineering contractor, that required a cleanroom with critical levels of control for high-grade pipe fabrication.

Angstrom Technology’s team designed a softwall ISO cleanroom, with zones and pass-through windows, supporting MSL Engineering’s process flow as the pipes (which are up to 3m in length) can be fed through the classified areas.

softwall modular cleanroom

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms

There are many benefits of modular cleanrooms, most of which all lead back to the same priority for our customers: flexibility.

Modular cleanrooms can be built quickly, with minimal disruption to your facility. They can be easily expanded or modified, and they can even be moved to different locations. Their flexibility does not mean our customers have to compromise on the components used within them either, as although a lot of the components are seen as being universal, you can still customise and adapt a modular cleanroom with a variety of features and equipment to ensure it meets your priorities.

If you’d like to find out more about modular cleanrooms, or are ready to start your next project, request a quote below!

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