New Sterile Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility for the NHS

During the first COVID-19 wave in March 2020, the UK Government increased Critical Care Unit (CCU) bed numbers by 3-4 times. As it wasn’t possible to increase the number of critical care nurses overnight, it explored ways in which CCUs could apply lean principles to generate efficiencies.

A critical activity that takes critical care nurses away from patients is making up their intravenous drugs. The Welsh Government decided to create a central manufacturing capacity to make the sterile injections for critical care to support CCUs right across Wales.

The MHRA determined that this process would need to be conducted in cleanroom facilities, so NHS Wales partnered with C2C. We fast-tracked a purpose-built cleanroom facility, including GMP qualification from DQ-PQ. It was ready for MHRA inspection in just 6 months.

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