Cleanroom Design and Build Projects – November 2021

As we hurtle into the final month of the year, we are reflecting on November. The high levels of project activity may explain why we feel the last part of the year is flying by!

The build for a medicinal marijuana cultivation cleanroom on Jersey is progressing well. This unique project includes multiple growing zones for various phases of cultivation, with temperature and humidity control for the creation of optimum growing conditions. It also has GMP grade zones suitable for the controlled drying and processing of the medicinal plants.

From overseas, to under the sea. We’ve completed a new cleanroom for a long-term subsea processing client in the North West. This hardwall cleanroom has 6 zones of varying ISO classes, suitable for each part of the manufacture and assembly process. The client is extremely happy with their new facility – we feel a case study coming on!

In Wales, a pharma client of ours is moving production to a new Cardiff site, so we have decommissioned their modular cleanroom and are reinstalling it with an upgrade to the HVAC system to achieve 18±2°C in the ISO 5 classified cleanroom areas. This ability to relocate and upgrade is a huge benefit of modular cleanrooms and the reason many of our clients choose to go modular.

The ability to extend is another great benefit to modular cleanrooms, as demonstrated in the extension we have been appointed to deliver for a leading life-sciences company. The cleanroom extension is doubling the floorplan of their cleanroom to give more capacity to allow them to fulfil growing market demand.

A smaller, but equally as important project, includes an ISO 7 softwall for a longstanding injection moulding client. This cleanroom joins a number of existing cleanrooms that enclose injection moulding machines to produce medical parts—highlighting another way that clean production can be scaled up.

With all these projects, plus work progressing on what we believe to be the largest cleanroom installation in the UK, it’s safe to say it’s been another successful month at C2C.

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