Cleanroom Design and Build Projects – October 2021

Halloween may be upon us but our month has been far from scary! Our team has been making excellent progress on-site, where we think we may be building the largest cleanroom in the UK. It’s hard to confirm this as a fact but our research hasn’t shown us a larger one. We’ve also supported new and returning customers across the UK and Europe, where the common theme has been expansion!

The large cleanroom is so top secret that it is even operating under a covert project name, and so big that it’s being completed in phases. In the first phase, flooring and vision panels are under installation. Above the ceiling, the ducting installation has commenced. Then in the second phase, the steel is being erected. It’s full steam ahead on-site and the specialist teams are working in zones to allow installation works to continue in various areas.

In The Netherlands, we’re supporting a family business to expand into new markets with their part manufacturing and cleaning service, with the introduction of an ISO class 8 softwall.

Back in the UK, a client we’ve worked with for over 15 years has needed to expand again. This company is a medical device manufacturer, with specialist expertise in tape conversions using flexible materials and adhesive-coated materials. Their cleanroom capacity has grown steadily over the years and so have their cleanroom requirements, as process requirements have meant tighter control of environmental parameters is required. Their latest cleanroom is a hardwall ISO 7 cleanroom with recirculation.

Another client who is working with human DNA required their cleanroom lab to be moved and modified. With modular cleanrooms, this is easily achievable so any investment is future-proofed.

Whether you’re expanding existing cleanroom capacity or introducing your first cleanroom to expand into new markets—we want to hear from you!

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