5 Ways a Particles Plus Particle Counter Will Simplify Cleanroom Monitoring

The Particles Plus range of handheld and remote particle counters have a world-wide reputation for being reliable and intuitive. Here are 5 ways they can help you drive efficiencies for cleanroom monitoring.

  1. WIFI enabled models provide the ability to monitor remotely from your computer or smart device, with a web browser or IMS integrated software. This reduces the amount of contact and personnel involved in monitoring cleanroom performance
  2. They have the longest battery life available at 10.5 hours, supporting non-stop production from a single charge
  3. Efficient functionality to save time with easy to configure formula’s, date extract and also being able to download data whilst continuing to take particle counts
  4. Easy to configure and record different sizes of micron confirming HEPA filtration maintains performance to agreed classification.
  5. The ability to pinpoint particular contamination sources, saving time and enabling quick troubleshooting potential

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