Why choose a Modular Cleanroom?

A modular cleanroom is a cleanroom that is built from pre-fabricated, manufactured components that are assembled to your specifications on-site. These pre-fab components include wall and ceiling panels as well as special features like pass through chamber panels and air locks.

Speed Scalability

Speed Of Delivery

One of the main benefits of a modular cleanroom is how quickly they can be built, with minimal disruption in your facility.


Modular cleanrooms can a be easily expanded or modified—they can even be taken apart and reconstructed in a new location.

Customisable Low cost


Even though the components of modular cleanrooms are somewhat universal, you can still customize a modular cleanroom with a variety of special features and equipment to ensure that it meets your application’s needs.

Low Cost

Modular cleanrooms are energy-efficient and as a result they are more affordable to run. A smaller enclosed space means that it is easier to regulate airflow and other environmental parameters, resulting in lower energy costs.


Looking for something a little larger?

We don’t just design and build small to medium size modular cleanrooms, we also provide an end-to-end project management service for large-scale ISO and GMP cleanroom projects.

We built a 6,000m² cleanroom manufacturing facility for bio-pharmaceutical products, built across 3 phases. The build achieved ISO class 7 with features such as temperature and humidity control, flush envelopes, air showers, vision panels and intercom systems. Take a look at the case study for more information.

Ready to start a new project?

Angstrom Technology is a modular cleanroom manufacturer. Our cleanroom design and build specialists have experience working with customers in all kinds of industries, achieving great results time and time again. We’d love to work with you as well!

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