Cleanroom Flooring: Vinyl

Vinyl Cleanroom Flooring

Vinyl flooring provides a smooth, flush finish to the cleanroom environment and, when coved, creates a seamless joint with the wall construction. This leaves no gaps for the accumulation of particulate contamination.  A coved finish to flooring creates a smooth and easy to clean system – one of the hallmarks of GMP design.

Gerflor BioControl Vinyl flooring

For an extra level of protection against bioburden, Gerflor’s BioControl Vinyl flooring has antimicrobial properties.

  • Certified for use in ISO-3 cleanrooms and GMP Grade A cleanrooms
  • Patent-pending Coved Corner System
  • Top-of-the range floor covering product suitable for heavy traffic
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Low level of particle release
  • Good micro-biological performance with a highly compacted surface finish with minimal micro-roughness, making it bacteriostatic and fungistatic


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