GRP Cleanroom Wall and Ceiling Systems

GRP Cleanroom Wall and Ceiling Systems

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) creates an advanced cleanroom panel.

Integrated furniture

GRP – Cleanroom furniture options can be fully integrated into the wall system

  • Transfer hatches
  • Step over benches
  • Cupboards
  • Storage


No framework for doors or windows is required, allowances for this fully flush integration is made during production.

Integral wall to floor and wall to ceiling coving means there is no need for stick or clip on coving.

The integral rebate at the base and top of the GRP panel allows a flush floor and wall cove without leaving a horizontal ledge.


GRP panels cannot corrode and are resistant to 120+ types of chemical including Hydrogen peroxide, making them suitable to withstand harsh chemicals used in cleaning regimes.

The panels are extremely durable, reducing the likelihood of cleanroom downtime due to repairs. They are 100% repairable in position and can be cut, filled and repaired on site. Any downtime for modification or repairs is reduced.

They are maintenance free and easy to clean.

Services & air return

GRP panels require no extra insulation so the inside of the panel is completely available for services such as cables and pipework.

Integrated low level extract panels save on space and there are no difficult to clean duct risers.

Environmentally friendly

GRP panels have been assessed and confirmed by UK consultants as an environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint product. It has a long life span, uses minimal pieces, and can be reusable.


They last four decades and counting so initial capital investment goes a long way.


Used in Pharmaceutical , Biotech, Aerospace, Precision Electronics, Stem Cell Research and many more.

Panel Conformance

  • FIRE PERFORMANCE – EN13501-1&2 / BS 476 – 6&7
  • ANTI STATIC – IEC 60079 – 0
  • QUALITY and DESIGN – ISO 14644 / GMP / FDA
  • H202 RESISTANCE – BioQuel Report
  • CEILING LOAD – BS / EN Standards
  • Walkable Ceiling System
  • Customizable width and heights


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