HEPA-lite™ Cleanroom Canopies

Automated Canopies

Our R & D team developed HEPA-lite™, an adjustable cleanroom unit which can be fitted at mission-critical elements of the manufacturing process line.

hepa-lite cleanroom canopy

Watch how HEPA-lite™ canopies can be incorporated into a modular cleanroom and automated to slide back, giving innovative overhead access to machinery inside.

Mobile, Adjustable Canopies

HEPA-lite™ provides localised filtered air to protect processes from contamination, without the need to enclose the entire machine set-up within a cleanroom environment.

Access to injection machine tooling

HEPA-lite™ is economical, adaptable and efficient. It effectively maintains the quality of air at points where the product is exposed, negating the need for the entire production line to be fully enclosed within a cleanroom.”

The product is ideal for use on injection moulding machines, for example protecting the mould area, and can be adapted for use on conveyor systems and process flow lines.

HEPA-lite smart cleanroom for injection moulding

Being mobile, HEPA-lite™ is easy to manoeuver, making it simple to perform cleaning, tool changes or to carry out maintenance on the machinery. It enables the manufacturer to specify upper and lower thresholds for air pressure requirements and triggers an audible and visual warning alarm, should pressure vary outside these parameters.

The Benefits of HEPA-lite™

  • Can be automated as part of a modular cleanroom – ideal for injection moulding machine coverage
  • Can accommodate most machine designs
  • Creates cleanroom conditions from ISO 14644-1 Class 5-9
  • Localised clean air solution
  • Digital pressure differential transmitter – sets an upper and lower air pressure threshold with an audible and visual alarm to alert for insufficient airflow
  • Average air speed 0.45m/s
  • Low operating noise 51 dB(A)
  • Mobile & space saving
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Optional side panels
  • Optional active static neutralising bar
  • Output to interface with business systems


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