ISO 14644-1 Class 6 Cleanroom Classification Guidelines

Information on ISO 14644-1:2015 class 6 Cleanroom Classification.

  • Federal Standard 209E equivalent: Class 1,000
  • Recommended air changes per hour (ACH): 150-240
  • For ISO 6 cleanrooms organisations typically measure micron sizes 5.0µ, 0.5µ and 0.3µ
  • See the maximum allowable concentrations by cleanroom class on our cleanroom classifications page
ISO class 6 cleanrooms

ISO 14644-1 requirements describe contamination levels in terms of allowed air particulates in number and size. IEST Technical Guides serve as complementary documents to ISO Standards ISO 14644. They give guidance on recommended air change rates or airflow speed within the cleanroom.

ISO Class 6 Cleanrooms

Considerations for ISO class 6 cleanrooms

High Efficiency Penetration Air (HEPA) Filtration is 99.99% efficient at 0.3 micron and should be considered when looking to achieve ISO class 6.

Hardwall and monobloc cleanroom envelopes are both effective at achieving the environment required for ISO class 6.

If organisations are working towards GMP grades, monobloc is the most effective solution, as it can accommodate required features such as interlocked doors and coved floors.

GMP Cleanroom Render


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