UltraTech Precision

Kingspan UltraTech Precision Flush Cleanroom System

The UltraTech Precision Flush panel system creates a fully-flush, ledge-free and impervious cleanroom envelope, making it an excellent solution for GMP facilities. Each insulated panel is pre-engineered off site to the correct size and then interlocked and sealed during assembly for a clean and efficient installation on site.

The wall and ceiling panels integrate with the UltraTech Precision range of fully flush doors, windows, lighting and profiles to create the perfect custom design for your cleanroom.

The system offers a range of accessories including integrated air return panels, which take up a much lower amount of space than traditional low-level ducted extract routes.

The panels are 100% inspected for quality and utilise CLEANsafe 120 coating to give a fully smooth finish that is tested to withstand rigorous cleanroom cleaning procedures and products.

When combined with C2C’s advanced cleanroom design and efficient air handling, the panel envelope system creates a market-leading and regulatory-compliant cleanroom environment.

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