Cleanroom Training

EU GMP Cleanroom Training

EU GMP Cleanroom Training

Why cleanroom training?

Do you have staff new to the world of cleanrooms? Does your team need a refresher on cleanroom protocol? Are you seeing a high rate of product failures? Do you need to be compliant with EU GMP, or specifically with Annex 1? Each operator has the power to reduce the risk to manufacturing processes. Training from Angstrom Technology gives operators the tools to help them change risky behaviours and minimise contamination from entering a cleanroom.

Delegates leave with an increased knowledge of the connection between behaviours and contamination. Their increased accountability will help control contamination and improve the bottom line.

EU GMP Training Course Content

With a mixture of theory, tutorials, and practical sessions — this course will help you to control the introduction, generation, and retention of particles in line with EU GMP guidelines.

Convenient location

You can come to our office with in Lancaster a dedicated training facility and showroom (just off the M6), or we’ll deliver the course at your facility.

Hand Hygiene


Materials transfer

Surface cleaning

Rotational cleaning

Environmental monitoring

Who is EU GMP Cleanroom Training for?

The course is intended for anyone who wants to improve their skills and works within or manages a GMP cleanroom. The course is designed for people with varying levels of experience and knowledge.

  • Cleanroom operatives
  • Quality staff
  • Facility managers
  • Validation engineers
  • Cleanroom cleaners and more…

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the connection between behaviours, protocols and contamination control
  • Have the knowledge to introduce/change processes to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles within a cleanroom
  • Understand the risk posed by contamination to manufacturing processes and product and how this can be minimised
  • Satisfy inspectors and auditors that you are meeting the training requirements for EU GMP and Annex 1 (GMP course)


Our cleanroom training courses are designed to help users control the introduction, generation and retention of particles in line with EU GMP and ISO 14644 standards. You can choose from one of our popular courses or we can create tailored cleanroom courses and structure the modules to suit your requirements.