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EU GMP Cleanroom Training delivered for UK CPI team

The Angstrom Technology team recently visited the UK Centre for Process Innovation (UK CPI) team in Darlington, to deliver two days of GMP Cleanroom Training. CPI are preparing to produce early phase clinical trial vaccine candidates, which will be manufactured in a Grade C/D cleanroom facility. CPI specifically required externally recognised training, provided by a CPD accredited organisation, and chose Angstrom Technology to deliver.

Cleanroom Training

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UK CPI attended our EU GMP Cleanroom Training session

Have you ever wondered what attending our EU GMP cleanroom training course looks like? With a mixture of theory, tutorials, and practical sessions — this course will help you to control the introduction, generation, and retention of particles in line with EU GMP guidelines.

The Team

CPI is a broad-spectrum company which previously focussed on R&D but is now, for the first time, moving into GMP manufacturing in the UK. This move called for the requirement of CPD-accredited cleanroom training for the newly formed GMP Production Team.

What is GMP Cleanroom Training?

Operators working within a GMP facility require regular training on cleanroom practices, hygiene, and contamination control. Angstrom Technology’s CPD-accredited EU GMP cleanroom training develops team skills and knowledge with a mixture of theory, tutorials, and practical sessions, helping to control the introduction, generation, and retention of particles in line with EU GMP guidelines.

CPI Training Day

Before the training days, the CPI team requested specific topics and areas be covered throughout the training itself. This meant that as always, the day followed the CPD required topics, but with an emphasis on the key areas CPI’s team needed additional support with.

With varying levels of prior knowledge within the GMP Production Team at CPI, basic cleanroom behaviours for general operation were initially covered with a combination of theory, demonstrative, and practical sessions. The format of the training day encouraged plenty of participation between the training team and attendees, and all attendees were awarded a certificate of attendance, detailing the CPD hours accrued.


CPI’s cleanroom operating team have gained greater knowledge and expertise from the GMP cleanroom training day, allowing them to fulfil their roles more confidently and efficiently. They have wider knowledge of other processes, methods, and applications of cleanroom technologies outside of CPI and previous experience. To gain recognised training, specifically for cleanroom behaviours delivered by a CPD accredited company, also adds to their personal development.

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“We were very impressed with the GMP Cleanroom Training provided by Angstrom Technology. Having worked with the Cleanroomshop team previously, we knew we were in good hands, and the training being CPD accredited was a must for us.

“The knowledge and professionalism of the trainers, and the use of practical sessions particularly stood out to our team, and we look forward to putting this theory into practice and adopting other good practices discussed by the Angstrom team.”

Tom Convery, CPI



Our cleanroom training courses are designed to help users control the introduction, generation and retention of particles in line with EU GMP and ISO 14644 standards. You can choose from one of our popular courses or we can create tailored cleanroom courses and structure the modules to suit your requirements.