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EU GMP Cleanroom Training Delivered for UK Regulatory Agency

Our specialist training team recently travelled to Hertfordshire to deliver two days of EU GMP CPD-certified Cleanroom Training.

Angstrom Technology was appointed by an existing customer, a department within a regulatory agency, to deliver training to 20 team members.

Cleanroom Training
EU GMP Cleanroom Training

The Training Day

The customer required EU GMP cleanroom training that would not only give their existing staff a refresher on best practices and regulatory guidance, but also help induct their newer staff members into the world of GMP cleanrooms and everything that it entails.

Angstrom Technology training days always include a mixture of theory, tutorials, and practical sessions, intending to provide attendees with a greater knowledge and understanding of controlling the introduction, generation, and retention of particles in line with EU GMP guidelines.

Key Facts

Dedicated and experienced trainer

delivering third-party training


cleanroom training modules

Visual and memorable training aids

presentations and practical sessions

Certificate of attendance

detailing CPD hours accrued

Client Testimonial

The training was great; I really enjoyed the different practicals at each of the different stages. I thoroughly enjoyed you both and how you engaged with the audience and the jokes you both made throughout the course.

I would personally be recommending you to anyone who requires similar training within our organisation and future companies I may work for. Greatly appreciate how easy you made our requirements such as fitting the training in within a tight timescale and increasing the number of attendees to accommodate us.

I gained so much knowledge from your expertise and I’m sure my seniors also gained insight into how we can further develop and move forward with our procedures to ensure that our products are continually released to the highest standards.

CPD-Certified Cleanroom Training

As with all training days hosted by Angstrom Technology, upon completion of the two days of training, attendees received a certificate of attendance, detailing the CPD hours accrued, evidencing continuous personal and professional development.

Our Cleanroom Training Courses

We offer three types of Cleanroom Training Days here at Angstrom Technology, all of which educate delegates on the correlation between the correct implementation of protocols and contamination control.

ISO Cleanroom Training

Our popular ISO cleanroom training course helps you control the introduction, generation, and retention of particles within a cleanroom. Book a dedicated course, or book a seat at a training day at one of our offices.


EU GMP Cleanroom Training

New in 2023! Personnel working within a GMP facility require regular training on cleanroom practices, hygiene, and contamination control. Our course has been developed by experts to support your GMP compliance.


Good Documentation Practice (GDocP) Training

Our comprehensive training program is meticulously crafted to empower professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed for impeccable documentation practices within GMP cleanroom environments.



Our cleanroom training courses are designed to help users control the introduction, generation and retention of particles in line with EU GMP and ISO 14644 standards. You can choose from one of our popular courses or we can create tailored cleanroom courses and structure the modules to suit your requirements.