Cleanroom Flooring Made Easy

When planning a new cleanroom facility, flooring can be at the bottom of the ladder.

As contamination has a downward flow, it is an element which is often not given as much consideration as those which feature higher in the cleanroom, such as wall construction. But a non-cleanroom compliant floor could introduce contamination to your environment, putting your manufacturing process at risk.

The choices and the technology out there in the market are growing. In a recent edition of Cleanroom Technology, Rebecca Smith, our National Territories Manager, talked through the options for selecting the right flooring option for your facility.

It is important to consider flooring right at the beginning of the cleanroom planning stage, so the correct type is selected. Considerations such as GMP requirements, the existing flooring, process compatibility, cleaning protocol and cleanroom type will drive the selection decision.

The main cleanroom flooring options are:

Each has many variants, bringing its own benefits and opportunities, such as coved, bunded, antimicrobial and antistatic flooring.

You can find out more by reading the full article on Cleanroom Technology’s digital edition.