June Insights from Angstrom Technology

This month, we’re showcasing our brand-new services on offer here at Angstrom Technology, as well as our recently launched Training Days, and brand-new downloads available, giving you more information about Angstrom Technology and the services we offer.

June Insights from Angstrom Technology

GMP Consultancy

Our GMP Consultancy services are designed to support cleanroom users in navigating the complexities of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. Our team of experienced consultants brings in-depth knowledge and practical expertise to ensure your cleanroom meets stringent regulatory standards, optimises operational efficiency and guarantees product quality and safety.

GMP Consultancy

Company Brochures

We have recently launched many new brochures, showcasing more information about each service area within Angstrom Technology & Cleanroomshop. These include:

We also have many White Papers available to download across the website.

Our Company Brochures

Particle Counter Rental

Particle Counters are an essential piece of equipment within cleanroom environments. Our brand-new Particle Counter Rental service allows you to utilise the latest products & technology available, eliminating the significant upfront investment required to purchase these specialised instruments.

We offer a range of Particle Counter rental packages to suit your organisation’s and cleanroom environment’s needs.

Particle Counter Rental

Training Days

Our Training Days are intended for anyone who wants to improve their skills and works within or manages an ISO or GMP cleanroom. The courses are designed for people with varying levels of knowledge, all are welcome!

Upcoming Events

Angstrom Technology Training Days

Case Study Spotlight

EU GMP Cleanroom Training for UK CPI Team

Our training team visited the UK Centre for Process Innovation (UK CPI) team in Darlington, to deliver two days of GMP Cleanroom Training.

Before the training days, the CPI team requested specific topics and areas be covered throughout the training itself. This meant that, as always, the day followed the CPD required topics, but with an emphasis on the key areas CPI’s team needed additional support with.

Angstrom Technology UK CPI Training Day