YouTube Channel Tutorials

We release video tutorials on YouTube to share our expertise in areas such as cleanroom gowning.

By creating these how-to video guides, we are reaching out to help cleanroom users everywhere to discover best practice methods to control contamination.

The videos feature real members of the team demonstrating common cleanroom procedures from a best practice perspective.

Short and informative, with voiceovers and on-screen prompts – these guides are easy to digest and will allow cleanroom users to inform themselves on a range of topics, that will help them in day-to-day working life.

There are videos on how to gown correctly, how to apply cleanroom gloves (sterile and non-sterile versions) and how to remove a tacky mat layer safely and without transfer of contamination.

There are also a series of 3 videos on hazard perception, which are for use as training aids to encourage cleanroom operatives to accept their role in minimising the generation of particles.

The team at are always gathering information from clients on what cleanroom challenges they face for our next

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