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Monitoring & Qualification


Operational Qualification Operational Qualification (OQ) is a documented program to demonstrate that the Cleanroom,…

Monitoring & Qualification


Installation Qualification Installation Qualification (IQ) is a documented process that ensures your facility and…

Cleanroom HVAC & Air Handling

Cleanroom Air Handling

What is decentralised air handling? Decentralised air handling requires no central air handling unit…

Cleanroom Envelopes

Precision Flush Doors

UltraTech flush doors have been created for stringently controlled hygiene requirements. Flush finish Choice…

Cleanroom Envelopes

Precision Flush Windows

UltraTech Precision flush windows are fully flush glazed units, suitable for environments requiring flush…

Cleanroom Envelopes

Precision Wall & Ceiling Panels

High specification UltraTech Precision wall and ceiling panels have been specially designed for use…

Cleanroom Envelopes

UltraTech Precision

The UltraTech Precision Flush panel system creates a fully-flush, ledge-free and impervious cleanroom envelope,…

Cleanroom Design & Build

Advanced Cleanroom Design

The time to embed performance and sustainability to a cleanroom design is at the…

Cleanroom Design & Build

Cleanroom Design Approach and Layout

It is vital that relevant personnel from production, quality, logistics, maintenance and engineering are…

Monitoring & Qualification

Design Qualification

Design Qualification (DQ) In the DQ process, we will go through your URS line…

Cleanroom Envelopes

Emergency Breakout Panel

Emergency break out panels satisfy Health and Safety regulations and provide a convenient and quick…

Cleanroom Envelopes

Cleanroom Flooring: Jigsaw

Loose Lay or Jigsaw flooring, provides an ideal upgrade to a cleanroom floor which…