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Cleanroom Envelopes

Cleanroom Flooring: Vinyl

Vinyl flooring provides a smooth, flush finish to the cleanroom environment and, when coved,…

Cleanroom Design & Build

Humidity-Controlled Dry Rooms

An ultra-low humidity (dewpoint) room gives a consistent environment to investigate issues and produce…

Cleanroom Envelopes

UltraTech Versatile Flush Cleanroom System

The UltraTech Versatile range includes doors, windows, lighting, profiles and service ways to create…

Cleanroom Envelopes

UltraTech Precision Flush Cleanroom System

The UltraTech Precision Flush panel system creates a fully-flush and impervious cleanroom envelope, which…

Cleanroom Protocols

Cleanroom Laundry Services

Cleanroom laundry services provide rental, laundry and processing services to ensure the clothing you…

Monitoring & Qualification


Cleanrooms & Clean Air Devices

Modular Cleanrooms

Cleanroom Standards & Guidelines

ISO 14644-1 Class 5 Cleanroom Classification guidelines

ISO 14644-1 requirements describe contamination levels in terms of allowed air particulates in number…

Cleanroom Design & Build

BIM Technology Assisting Monobloc Cleanroom Installation

We completed the installation of a Monobloc panel system for global medical products and…


Creating a Repeatable Composite Production Environment – Whitepaper

Today’s composite parts need to be predictable in performance and their engineering properties. Reducing…

Cleanroom Protocols

What is Rotational Cleaning?

Rotational cleaning is the practise of using more than one disinfecting agent in your cleaning…

Monitoring & Qualification

What is DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) testing?

  DOP testing is the process that verifies HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) or ULPA…